Saving O’Grady Timber & Lumber – Steel Horse Saviors – 2017 A to Z Challenge – Day 19

SSteel Horse Saviors is about three Civil War veterans, two Yankees and one Rebel, who take their steam locomotive west to seek their post-war fortune. In the process they encounter Clementine O’Grady an auburn-haired beauty fighting to save the family business who causes the three to question their grand scheme to escape their collective pasts.

By now you understand the overarching plot of The Steel Horse Saviors revolves around the plan hatched with the aid of Lulubelle the steam locomotive to rescue O’Grady T & L. Clementine gradually begins to see the truth that her way of trying to maintain the status quo will never equate to a long term future for her business or her family.

Allowing the trio of newcomers to voice their opinions so freely is something that comes slowly to Clementine. She has always had to fight to have her voice heard over those of the men in her life. The proof that Finn, Nolan and Brou are in her corner brings her around to their ideas.

Here is an excerpt:

Clementine’s head was spinning. These three strangers, well she knew she had to reassess what exactly they were because they certainly were making a positive impact to the future of O’Grady Timber & Lumber, were proposing some earth shattering possibilities. If everything they promised was possible Clementine was going to have just as daunting a problem ahead: finding reliable labor.

She knew she could learn a lot from these three very different personalities. Finn was brash, confident and willing to take on any challenge. Nolan was strong both physically and mentally, proving he could withstand the sometimes reckless plans Finn hatched. Brou had the technical mind to put non-working machines back in order.  She found herself wondering if she could continue what they wanted to start if they decided their time in Penley River was done.

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8 thoughts on “Saving O’Grady Timber & Lumber – Steel Horse Saviors – 2017 A to Z Challenge – Day 19

  1. You can formulate and plan, but I think you’ll feel much better if you stick to the suggested rules. The wait might kill you, but you’ll take more out of it


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