Ring, ring – Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner – 04/20/17


Benjy wanted to find Katrina’s ring. The girl was all he could think of day or night. She was the mesmerizing kind of beauty that rewrote the narrative of a man’s life. Yes, he knew Alvin felt the same. Once they were the best of friends. But that was during elementary school and even middle school. But in high school the rivalry began. It had been true through sports, academics, and forensic meets. But none of that could hold a candle to this struggle. Katrina was a saint in her demeanor and could not be unkind to either boy. She only could devise this plan to decide. She hid her ring somewhere in the Seaside Park and she promised whoever retrieved it would have her heart.

Benjy tensed when Alvin’s familiar form popped up on a lower section of the trail. The choice to begin up high now seemed more risky than when he was alone here. If Alvin found the ring there he would never forgive himself.

“YAHOO!” he heard Alvin say just as he fished a golden ring out of the sand near his feet.

Both ran in a full sprint back to the small covered shelter where Katrina waited patiently.

There was a pained expression on her face when they approached.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t just do one and disappoint one of you,” She said.





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