O’Grady Timber & Lumber – Steel Horse Saviors – 2017 A to Z Challenge – Day 15

O.jpgCopyright – ALPINE ACRES PUBLISHING – 2017 Steel Horse Saviors is about three Civil War veterans, two Yankees and one Rebel, who take their steam locomotive west to seek their post-war fortune. In the process they encounter Clementine O’Grady a auburn-haired beauty fighting to save the family business, and the Saviors find themselves willing to postpone their attempt to escape their Civil War pasts.

Even before Lulubelle rolls into town with Finn, Nolan and “Brou” O’Grady Timber & Lumber is in crisis. Angus has been bead just short of two years and piece by piece the company has begun to unravel. The timber business has fewer working parts, so Clementine has been able to keep all those plates spinning. But her mother, Delilah and oldest sister Venus work in concert to question ever move she makes.

When the Saviors arrive Clementine begins to dream of the good old days when her father had all facets of the business in play. The stakes in her assessment are becoming life or death and no length is too far to save O’Grady T & L.

Here is an excerpt:

“Miss O’Grady everywhere I look I see O’Grady Timber & Lumber, but so far all I see is the timber side. Am I missing the lumber operation?”

“Tell him Clem. It is time,” Zeke Barton said.

Clementine shot him a look, but nodded and led the group out the back. “Brou” whistled when they entered the old saw mill portion of the complex. It was clear nothing had moved here in at least a year.

We haven’t had the skill to keep up the maintenance since Mr. O’Grady passed,” Zeke said.

“Not to mention the cost of new blades,” Clementine added.

Finn watched “Brou” buzzing around the biggest saw. He was like the kid in the candy store with money burning in his pocket.

“What do you think “Brou”?” Finn asked.

“Two maybe three days. But then we will need hands.”

“What is he saying?” Clementine asked.

“He is saying if you can get the timber and the labor he can have the Lumber part of O’Grady timber & Lumber operational again.,” Finn smiled.

Come back for the next post, which will explain another major factor in saving Clementine’s family business, the Penley River Trestle, which is the only path to the timber rich north forest.

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