Dragon Time – Sunday Photo Fiction – 04/16/17

dragon time.png

“Brothers and sisters of the Royal Order of Flying Dragons, I now call this meeting to order. I  want to first thank all of you for assembling in this hallowed place, where our forefathers saw their greatest defeat. ROFD has struggled for too many years under the oppression of the Ninth Kingdom, but that is all soon to be so much history!

Our numbers are legion! Our power never higher than it is today. The alliance with the little dictator on the Asian Peninsula has proven to give us more fuel than ever before!”

Lucius and Sydnor listened to the Big Dragon Who Thought He Could as he powered through this “huff and puff” speech. They were members of the Shadow Six, the espionage wing of the ninth Kingdom, here to make sure the BDWTHC led his forces to the certain defeat they required.

“Little does he know the Billionaire President is going to remove the little dictator on the Asian peninsula. Then all their precious fire juice will disappear!” Lucius said, tugging at his dragon suit to assure their stealth.

“Boom, boom then no juicey!” Sydnor laughed heartily.




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