True Blue Government – Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner – 04/13/17


The brightness of the television screen was the only source of light in the otherwise dark basement. There was no reason to go outside. The volcanic dust was forecast to thicken as the twin volcanoes that rose inexplicably out of the Mississippi River basin following the 8.9 magnitude quake on the New Madrid Fault line belched the air full of hot lava and acrid smoke.

The commercial began innocently enough, showing kittens and bunnies frolicking in a grassy park. But then a dark shadow enveloped their playground in the shape of a mountaintop before darkness quickly engulfed the screen. Then splashes of hot lava landed here and there scorching the park grasses.

“Has all this Armageddon talk got you feeling blue?” the commercial announcer began. “Do you feel like your world might as well have ended when the New Madrid struck? Well we want you to know your government cares. There is no need to deal with all struggle to come in the new world. Just choose blue. Blue is right for you!

Martin stabbed the Off button on his remote as he stood. “Damn big pharma thinks they have a potion for everything!”


MadridEveryone knows about the San Andreas fault and how it could potentially reshape the west coast of the United States. But there is another in the Mississippi River basin called the New Madrid that could accomplish the same damage to the East Coast. I live on the Eastern side of Tennessee and have experienced some of the earthquakes originating in the New Madrid seismic zones.




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