Hijacking the Hijackers! – Sunday Photo Fiction – 04/09/17



Everyone could hear the low grumble work up through their leader’s throat before escaping in a sound of disgust. Lars Sunvold shook his head at the sight. He knew his greed would eventually come back to bite him, but in all his dreams this sight never materialized.

Sven, his dependable right hand did the speaking. “Lars, they have hijacked our boat! How can we return home now? We have all this gold but we can’t get it in there and get the boat down too!”

“Yes, that is a big problem for us!” He scanned the area around the boat as it rested safely out of the water some three hundred yards distant. He could see Englishmen everywhere, just waiting for their heroic rescue attempt.

All tensed as rustling in the bushes caught their attention. A smiling Nils approached nodding happily.

“You’ve been with their wine or their women haven’t you?” Sven asked with contempt.

“No, my brother, but I have found something interesting. They left two guards to protect their big boat, the one we saw two days ago. It is more than enough for our needs.

Lars strategic mind quickly warmed to this idea. The possibilities could be endless.





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