Why Not Me? – Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner – 04/03/17


The disappointment was thick in his eyes, much like a new lens to a pair of glasses meant to correct his vision. But there was nothing wrong with what he saw. Wait, I guess I see that wrong looking at it from my side of the barbed wire strands. To him I was leaving him alone. I was returning to my home where barbed wire was an implement of choice in containing livestock, not culling humans who didn’t fit a specific profile. True I had not made the choice to string it here, but did I do enough to contest it?

“What is a doctor supposed to do about such social injustice. I was here to treat the ailments in a physical manifestation. But there were more ailments in play, some of which no medicine in the world could cure. A government policy or policies I guess that drew this stark demarcation between acceptable and unacceptable. I knew Manny, or Manuel as his mother liked to call him. He was a good kid, with no evil intent anywhere in his skin. But as I turned away with my bags in hand to board my plane I could feel his dark eyes asking “Why not me?”




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