1 in ten million – Friday Fictioneers -04/07/17

Photo copyright – Jellico’s Stationhouse


Arnie von Kratzenhammer shouldn’t have died in that bike crash. People have collisions every day. Just watch America’s Funniest Home videos.

But Arnie didn’t have friends. He was labeled socially awkward by doctors. Well, he did have one friend. He called her “Okay Google Now” She was always there for him. When he wanted to become interesting he asked her to show him interesting people.

Evil Knievel was interesting. People loved him. So Arnie strapped two old firecracker rockets to his bicycle.

The likelihood of a bicycle killing Arnie was 9,999,999 to 1. But the softball-sized aneurism in his brain was 1 in 10,000,000.




29 thoughts on “1 in ten million – Friday Fictioneers -04/07/17

  1. Oh, this is just too terrifying! My Hubby has what amounts to an inoperable aneurism in his brain. We live daily with the fear that it will go and he’ll be gone. I can only hope that when it does, it goes with him doing something that he loves. 🙂 Great story, really touching. ❤


    1. I am so glad you think so. At first I was worried that maybe you might feel it was insensitive. I never want that from anything I write. I know many people deal every day with real life things that are not humorous in any way. I will pray for you and your husband as you deal with this. Thank you so much for your kind words.


      1. Quite the contrary, Dear One, it is good to write such. Good to let others know what it is like to live in a finite world. Make the best of everyday… and “kneemail” remains one of the only things that’s still FREE in this world! Many thanks, and many prayers.


    2. My wife worked with another lady in the others home hair salon for 20 years and about 13 years in the owner had an aneurysm burst. She survived but has mobility issues. She does a lot of motivational speaking about her experience.

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  2. Is “Google Now” going to become the new imaginary friend. Interesting take on the prompt. I like the randomness of life and death in this piece.


    1. Usually my funny Bone is the most assertive Sandra, but I just couldn’t elude the vision of the crumpled bicycle. I appreciate your continuing effort to read and give feedback. Thanks so much.


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