A Tree Too Far? – Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – 04/04/17

ffaw040417.pngNeither Anna or Neil had ever witnessed the awesome power of a volcanic eruption, so trying to gauge the amount of terror they felt as they heard the mighty Mount Kelly belch out the super-heated lava and acrid black smoke was meaningless.

There, that tree,” Neil said.

“Seriously? That twig?” Anna protested.

“When I choose between saving or sacrificing my life I don’t get picky,” Neil shouted over the deafening roar.

“Of course. You are right. I just am so scared I cannot think straight.” She shuddered as she stole a look at the ominous natural disaster at her back.

Neil fashioned a lasso out of the length of rope he fished from his back pack. Their whole future rested on three things: his ability to lasso the tree, its strength and the estimation of how far it was from this ledge to the one that promised an escape.


While I am deep into reading others A to Z Challenge posts I still want to offer up my regular fiction  photo prompt responses. I enjoy the creativity and brevity of making a story pop with just a few words. Come along for the fun, you can find out how here: FFfAW.

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