How I Started a War By Killing a Dish – Sunday Photo Fiction – 04/02/17


I am not really a student of history. I mean I had to study all of the great wars of history in my classes, but usually there was some horrific instance that ushered countries into bloody struggles. It took a horrible sneak attack on the Pacific fleet to finally pull the U.S.A. into World War II.  How could I know a simple, harmless April Fool’s prank would start this war?

You always hear that bravado is part of a sniper’s make up. Okay, I can admit there is a heaping help of that woven into my D.N.A. But it isn’t all our fault. We are pitted against each other in our training program. It is a process of elimination and upstaging each other from day one. Think of the basketball game horse, but with deadly results when we are trained.

So that is how we came to be stationed on the white cliffs that day while three generals talked turkey. Louie pointed to them holding their coffee and said he thought he could hit the cup on the table behind with a silenced round. I told him I could hit the sugar bowl, which was smaller. I did and now we are at war.



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