Benny’s Pennies – Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner – 03/30/17


Mom helped him with the slogan, dad shared his knowledge of business to craft the plan. But the execution was all Benny. Everyone in their small mid-western town knew Benny. He seemed to be everywhere that spring and summer. He mowed yards, raked away left over leaves, picked up trash, collected aluminum cans, walked dogs, fed pigs or whatever he discovered people would trade their money for.

At first his parents thought he was just bored sitting at home all the time. For an only child sometimes existence even as a child was difficult. They watched him become more confident that summer. He also compiled a nifty little bank roll. They discussed in private what should be done with his collection. Parents do that sort of thing you know.

Late one night Benny made his way to their bed room to tell them his plan.

“I want to give like you do to Pastor Dave,” Benny said, drawing smiles from mom and dad.

“I think that is wonderful honey,” mom said.

“What about the rest?” dad asked.

“You know those cool Avengers high tops?” Benny asked.


“I want to buy those,” Benny said.

Before his parents could object he continued to speak.

“Because my new friend Willie has no shoes.”

“He doesn’t?” mom asked.

“No. His house burned down so he has to wear his older brother’s shoes. I think he would like the Avenger shoes.”





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