Hide the Triplets – FF -03/24/17

Copyright – J. Hardy Carroll


“Personally I like the rounded look. We are basically making a bunch of spikes, almost weapons on these fence panels,” Harmon said as he toiled on the order for the massive fence that would line the perimeter of J. Hardy Carroll’s estate.

“Mr. Carroll was very specific Harmon. He wants this design and this one only,” Butch the boss man replied.

“Makes you wonder what he is protecting or hiding,” Harmon commented.

“Only a set of the prettiest triplets God ever created. Louie said they are models.”

Harmon knew this, it was why on this panel he made it weaker.


58 thoughts on “Hide the Triplets – FF -03/24/17

  1. Oh, this promises to be an interesting tale. Harmon sounds like many a fellow who wanted to slip through a hole in the fence, hoping to meet a beauty…or two or three. As in the song or years back, “Wolverton Mountain.” Alas, a well-prepared Papa is usually lurking nearby.


      1. Your story brings to my mind another about young men making efforts to see a pretty girl:

        The tale is told of a young prairie farmer, a bachelor, whose neighbor recommended her niece for a housekeeper. He hired her and when she got there she was so pretty — and the word got around fast — he knew every young blade in the county would be showing up in the evening to visit and check out the possibilities. And, since he fancied her himself, he wanted to prevent other fellows coming courting.

        So he grabbed a hammer and some big spike nails and went to little bridge on the creek half mile down the road.
        He went under the bridge and pounded the spike nails up through the flooring. Sure enough, by evening the first young bachelor showed up in his Model T, but he had to spend the evening in the shed fixing two flat tires. Inexplicable how TWO would go flat at the same time. And so it went with every young fellow who came around. Instead of courting, the fellow had to repair his flat tires. 🙂

        Then one noon he comes in from the field and she’s all packed up. “Please take me to the train station. I’m going home. It’s so lonely here — and you spend every evening out in the shed with your friends fixing tires!”


      1. Commenters aren’t giving these girls much credit. Young ladies today are tough — the three of them can beat him up if he doesn’t behave. 🙂
        I see Harmon as 20-ish; my take on this story would change drastically if he’s like 40.


  2. Ew! Get Harmon on some kind of registry. He needs to learn how to court in a way that doesn’t involve trespassing and sneaking around. If one of the girls is willing, there’s no need for this.


    1. Have you seen any of my Dogs of My Life series? I am stuck about three dogs from my current one because I want to do them in order and need to search for a photo at least a dozen years old.


      1. No I haven’t. Just checked out your link and couldn’t find one for Dogs of My Life. What a great idea?


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