Can a Rock Give or Take Life? – SPF – 03/12/17


Mitch had the guard’s schedules memorized. He should know them inside and out since he created them six months before today for this exact event. Sure the old astronaut uniform was bulky, and smelled like someone had used it without the sanitary features to deal with bathroom needs, but it was the only way he could sneak out the chunk of rock he had to have.

Doctor Abernathy convinced him it was the magic bullet he could use to save the love of Mitch’s life, Kristin, who remained connected to a roomful of machines after a decade and a half in a coma. All Mitch had to do was navigate one hundred thirty more yards of museum displays and then make a dash across the parking lot to his car.

He had no idea Doctor Abernathy’s life rested in the hands of Viktor Kazlensky, an Albanian drug lord, or that a bullet with his name on it would find a home in his body the moment the doctor wrapped his fingers around this million dollar rock. The promise of holding Kristin again was too much of a possibility for Mitch to ignore.



15 thoughts on “Can a Rock Give or Take Life? – SPF – 03/12/17

    1. Without jerking every bit of class out of our conversation I have to believe there was some experiences in the beginning when so much was unknown where the capacity of the sanitary system was exceeded.


      1. I think I would have done as well. Well, I definitely would when I was married. I wouldn’t go that far now, but she is the mother of my kids so I would go out of my way to help her. And I did love her once.


      2. Getting worse unfortunately. More bad days than good days now. I am still able to walk a little. I try not to sit in the wheelchair unless I have to and I don’t like having to rely on the kids.

        But I can still laugh and smile.


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