Honeymoon at Niagra – CRFF – 03/09/17



From the walkway overlooking Niagra Falls Jessie felt the awesome splendor of this gorgeous wonder. She felt like that with Sam once, but now they were married.

“Promise me!”

“Anything,” Sam said, taking her hand.

“Promise we won’t be boring.”


“I’m serious!”

“Not on your life. Stories will be written about us through eternity.”

“You’re right, this place is amazing!”

Actually I got a complaint a little earlier,” Sam said.

“From who?”

“The star of the show,” Sam said motioning over his shoulder with his thumb at the roaring water. “You’re upstaging it.”

That drew Jessie’s beautiful smile.



10 thoughts on “Honeymoon at Niagra – CRFF – 03/09/17

    1. We go to such great lengths during the courtship and right after marriage to be attentive, but it is year 5, 15, 25 and so on where it is needed and wanted just as much. There is nothing wrong with making another feel valued.

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  1. That’s getting the honeymoon pointed toward the path of marital longevity, Joe. It’s a spectacular compliment. It makes me think this couple will remember that moment for a long time, yet you are so right (in your comments) that we have to continue to pay each other that same attention.


    1. My daughter left for college in August andy wife and I are learning how to be alone again with fabulous results. In about five weeks our oldest, will graduate from the university where our daughter is and both will be back home. I suppose we will have to work harder to get that alone time then.


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