Speak into the Antennae – FF – 03/10/17


Copyright – Shaktiri Sharma


“Unbelievable ,” Grandpa George exclaimed. At 85 his mind was still so sharp and Sydney loved to spend time with him. It was his engineering prowess that attracted her. Of course his biggest accomplishments was in ballistic missile technology, but their was still a kindred admiration.

“What’s the range?”

“The battery is the limiter,” Sydney answered. “This model has the latest from our lab. With it the drone range is 25 miles.”

“You must be careful my Sydney. Uncle Sam will try to corrupt your wonderful talent like they did mine.”

“No worries G.G. No one’ll believe a blonde like me did this!”



27 thoughts on “Speak into the Antennae – FF – 03/10/17

      1. Especially since stereotypes say women aren’t good in math. But, my mom is really good at math, so I didn’t hear the stereotype until my 20’s.

        But, what grandpa said is true…any invention they will try to make a weapon out of, to find new ways of killing people.


    1. WE turn ourselves into unwitting fools when we let our pre-conceived notions overpower the facts of logic. Sydney didn’t look like our too ridged notion of a smart girl, so she can easily fly under the radar of importance.

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  1. Oh, blonde jokes. 😉

    Actually, I think I’ve read stories about little drones made to mimic insects to be used for various purposes. Google “man made drone insect.”


    1. How could we have survived this long without such a noble gesture Martin? Your willingness to sacrifice so much for the greater goods shall be the stuff of legends. Legends I say! Thanks so much for taking your time in reading and giving a comment. It is greatly appreciated.

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