Zenner’s U.F.O. Reality – SPF – 03/05/17

pottery.pngLosing the love of your life like Callie did can either make or break a girl. For Callie it birthed a deep and strong fire. Not hot enough to finish the craft she chose to devote her heart to, but enough to create a pottery making empire.

I heard that the ink was still wet on Callie’s 30 year deal to supply Pier One with pottery when Zenner Ambrose stumbled into her shop supposedly finding his way home after a six month alien abduction. Her heart barely fluttered when he spoke her name, and his story registered little more in her mind.

“Sorry Z, I am married to my business now!”

Later Callie checked for lingering nosey eyes in her work shop before closing the heavy front doors. She made her way past pumpkins, pots and sundry other objects toward two huge nondescript trolley doors. Beyond the she let her hands slide admiringly over rows of new spaceships.

“Does anyone suspect?”

“No Jan-Ja Ri. Picking Zenner as your scapegoat was genius!”

“The fleet is nearly rebuilt. This time without Private Hudson gunning for us we can take over the earth!” Jan-Ja Ri nodded.

spfIf any of you are fans of the Aliens science fiction franchise you will remember Bill Paxton played Private Hudson. He was one of my favorite movie actors and I was saddened to hear of his passing. The above was a cross reference to that role.




4 thoughts on “Zenner’s U.F.O. Reality – SPF – 03/05/17

    1. Iain I suppose I saw him in other roles, but I think it was as the wanna-be spy in True Lies with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Arnold and Jamie Lee Curtis that he hit my radar. Then I saw him in Twister, which hit my love of extreme weather and I was sold. Later I realized he was also in Weird Science with Kelly LeBrock and others.

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  1. A fantastic tribute to a great actor. I never saw True Lies. My favourite ones of his are Weird Science. I will never forget Chet the blob. Bill the storm chaser, Brock the Titanic lover and of course Private Hudson. I still quote many of them lines many, many times.

    A great story to send him off with Joe.


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