Tossing Olives – SPF -03/05/17


Everyone has had a boss like Clinton Emery the Fifth. He wasn’t the fifth in his family to bear this name, but the only man anyone could claim to know that could down a fifth of whiskey at dinner and never bat an eye. That is as long as there was no olive involved. That is why he chose whiskey rather than Martinis. You see martini’s were Clinton’s kryptonite.

The story was that sometime during the Second War to End All Wars he landed in a French bar or what was left of it in desperate need of some liquid determination. This French beauty convinced him that martini’s were a man’s best friend after her. Clinton had never been able to say no to a female until that day May 3, 1944, but after “tossing olives” for sixteen hours he swore he would never do two things: trust a woman and let an olive anywhere near is liquid.




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