Tadpole Training Academy – SPF – 02/26/17


Cameron hated this part of the job. Working for the Better Business Bureau in Beaumont Texas was a pretty good job on most days. But today was not turning into one of those days. No, today she was dealing with a case concerning the Tadpole Training Academy of Tyler, Texas.

The phrase Everything is Bigger in Texas was jumping off the page of the Tadpole Training Academy website. They claimed their tadpoles were able to do more than the red striped ones from Arkansas, or the Bayou babies from Louisiana, although those had to outsmart gators.

Per her request the Tadpole Training Academy had overnighted a  living specimen for her to verify their claims. Nearly thirty minutes after she freed the amphibian from it’s container it was still flying through the air and landing with a plop into the glass container before her.

“What is that?” her co-worker asked as he stopped outside her door.

“The most amazing thing I have ever seen in my life,” Cameron said. “Simply amazing!”



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