Revenge for Frosty! – FF -02/24/17


Ernie loved to prank others. He lived for the opportunity to get another joke on anyone.  So far it had snowed ten times this winter. Each time he built a snow man with a menacing look and sign that said it was coming for revenge. The target was the man with the hat store on main street. The whole town buzzed with excitement wondering where the next snow man would appear, claiming to be coming for the famous hat that brought Frosty to life. The hat store owner had the ultimate revenge however, because his hats were selling like hotcakes.




13 thoughts on “Revenge for Frosty! – FF -02/24/17

  1. Right before Christmas, my son, grandson, and I built four snow mounds in our front yard, then put two glow sticks in each one, positioned like eyes. At night, they were spooky snow monsters. Unfortunately, subsequent snow storms buried all that, and then after everything thawed, only the spent glow sticks were left.


  2. Ernie missed his calling: he should have been an ad man. 🙂

    History note: I read that back in the 50s when motivation research was just taking hold, hat manufacturers despaired because men wore the same hat for twenty years. So the ad men coined and circulated a phrase: “As old as last year’s hat.” Worked wonders for hat sales—just like Ernie’s trick.


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