Bring on the Water – FF – 02/10/17

Photo Copyright – Ted Strutz


I wasn’t born the day the two men from T.V.A. made their way to my Grandpa’s house. The day they told him they needed his good farmland, the land he, his dad and granddaddy had loved and worked .

“I will be right here when the water comes,” Granddaddy stated emphatically, pointing to the exact spot he would stake his life.

The T.V.A. men nodded solemnly and returned to their job further down the valley.

There was several folks watching when the water came that day.

What they didn’t know was that granddaddy’s chair was anchored with four huge concrete blocks.



22 thoughts on “Bring on the Water – FF – 02/10/17

      1. No Jane, I do not subscribe to that line of thinking either. But as the father of a 22 year old with a 22 year old long term girlfriend and a 19 yr old daughter with an 18 year old college roommate continue to prove the way the coming generations look at things and deal with them is pretty different than how I do or my parents did. Sure strong-will is a constant character trait, it is just the matters that the will is applied to that are different.


      2. I wonder if one of the problems is that young people have been given too much. They don’t think they have to make solid plans for the future because there’ll always be somebody to catch them if they fall. There’s also the drop out mentality without actually dropping out—just staying at home and not working. It looks desperate, but they’re not all like that (mine are, I grant you) and some of them are activists with a conscience. There were a lot of the older generation who thought Mr Hitler was a good thing… I hope enough of them turn out good to save this poor old planet.


      3. No, say it ain’t so. It is the strong willed that add such flavor to our lives, and stories.


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