Cornucopia of Trouble – FF – 02/03/17

Photo Copyright Roger Bultot


Perry strained to see what Alicia pointed to seven stores below.

“I can’t see it!” Perry declared.

“Here use the binoculars,” she said.

Perry peered through the black device and nodded acceptance.

“Blue is ten points, green is fifteen, red is fifty. If you can catch a pedestrian it is 200!”

“I know your mom said to clean out the old fruit from your fridge, but . . .”

“Don’t be a chicken! Are you afraid a girl will beat you?”

“Never going to happen,” Perry said with a tight smile. “You first”

“Oh no!” Alicia said as she dropped her melon, “There’s mom!”



14 thoughts on “Cornucopia of Trouble – FF – 02/03/17

    1. We can hope mom is either a good sport, or a physics teacher who will want to help her daughter understand the underlying mechanics of delivering the payload with the greatest accuracy.


  1. Oh, that was hilarious. Sadly, I remember wet sock-bombs thrown from the top of the town hall onto unsuspecting college students… LOL! We knew better than to hit a ‘townie’, or our collective asses would be fried before we got home. College students, however, were fair game. 20 pts- backpack, 50 leg or arm, 500 head. Yep, those were the days. πŸ™‚ (still laughing hysterically at the memory, Thanks!)


  2. Hope no one gets killed. However it seems only fitting as death seems to be the theme this week…lol.
    Loved this. Thanks for sharing.
    Found your blog on FF and hope you can visit mine also.

    – Lisa


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