The Man from Barleyfield – SPF – 01/29/17

copyright ceayr

It had been five days since anyone had seen The Man from Barleyfield. Everyone knew him, oh yes everyone. He was the one who handed out $100 bills on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Some said he was a billionaire real estate developer from the northeast, others though they heard him speak of Gulf of Mexico shrimping boats while still others were sure he owned big timber operations in the American west. Wherever the money originated he seemed to have plenty.

Every morning the crowds gathered by the Penley River channel to watch the dragging operation. His little white rowboat still bobbed on the water anchored in place where the authorities believed The Man from Barleyfield was last seen. Before long the crowds began to diminish. The excitement of the free money soon ebbed away and people talked about The Man from Barleyfield less and less.

On a train platform in Seattle a man in a worn sport coat set a old hounds tooth hat on his head, straightened his tie and set out on his right foot toward a new adventure. It took almost seven months to get rid of the $30 million he had swindled from First National Bank in Fargo, but now that it was gone he was ready to begin his life anew.



13 thoughts on “The Man from Barleyfield – SPF – 01/29/17

  1. 🙂 My first thought was that it was a Robinhood tale. Nice turn on it. 🙂

    I’m a moderator at Weekend Writing Warriors We host a weekly 8 to 10 sentence blog-hop. Your link is on our list, so I’m dropping by to welcome you. There are others on our linky list who participate in two different blog-hops using the same post, and keep within our guidelines–usually folks from the Snippet Sunday group on facebook.. 🙂 We do ask participants to include a link back to us so others can find us. Thanks!


  2. My first thought wasn’t Robin Hood, but that he’d stolen the money for some other reason and either changed his mind and felt guilty or decided he had to get rid of the evidence. There are a lot of possible backstories to this!


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