Immaculate Deception – SPF -01/22/17


“County Hotel, really?” Metzer said chomping on his unlit cigar. “Who do they think they foolin’?”

“I dunno. I guess the way this backwards country runs the citizens don’t question it. But I ain’t getting crap with this parabolic microphone. There is definitely shielding going on.”

“That means the boss is inside there. How we extract her from there without getting all of us killed or captured is going to be rough.”

“It’s a good thing I brought the heavy armor,” Louis grinned.

Ten minutes later they had their gear in hand, ready to make their attempt. The reconnaissance reports told them their boss would be on the eighth floor. Eight floors with who knew how many trained killers awaiting them. But Carlie Benson wasn’t just any boss. She fought to keep these two, her best spy team together even when everyone up and down the organization screamed for their heads.

There was another special reason they were willing to risk their lives. While they didn’t know it they were both risking their life to rescue the girl they loved.

“You know Louis, you are the only one I could count on to do this,” Metzer said.

“Right back at you buddy. Let’s get after it!”


For Al’s weekly adventures based on the photo supplied by one of the locals. I had to go this way when I saw the phot0, perhaps because I am reading a Mitch Rapp book, but it just seemed the way for me.



19 thoughts on “Immaculate Deception – SPF -01/22/17

  1. Exciting one Al. I liked how you built up the suspense and the twist that they both love their boss. Something tells me eventually, this isn’t going to end well for any of the three involved.


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