We Need Women Engineers! – FF- 01/20/17

Copyright – Dale Roberson


“WHERE ARE THE MIRRORS?” Alice screamed.

“Keep your voice down, there are too many people nearby. If everyone finds out we will not get our shot,” Kim said in a loud whisper.

Alice shuffled down the hall, rushing to her prize. Just inside the ribbed walls were three mirrors that could reshape your body forever. You only had to stand within the outline in the mirror and push a button.

“Three choices, Marilyn Monroe, Dolly Parton and Kim Kardashian,” Kim grumbled. “Who came up with this?”

“No doubt a man!”

Alice pondered her future, breathed in deeply and made her choice.


Ideas were slim this time, but hopefully it will generate a laugh or two. Thanks to Rochelle for hosting and to all who take time weekly to read and comment. It means a lot to me to know folks enjoy my creations.



27 thoughts on “We Need Women Engineers! – FF- 01/20/17

    1. Brad Pitt, Tom Selleck (in his prime) and Jimmy Stewart. Once while I was working online with someone from Chicago they asked what I looked like. Since we always were phone only or chat rooms I sent a photo of Selleck from his Magnum P.I. days and said this is me!

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  1. I wrote a story yesterday called “The Barbie Syndrome” where a young woman with an eating disorder got the opportunity to “try on” what she thought of as her ideal body. It didn’t end well.

    This one is a man deciding on a woman’s ideal body, which doesn’t fair much better.

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    1. Don’t take offense to this statement, but it takes a certain level of maturity to know that what you are is okay. So many struggle for years to see the wisdom in that. Also the reality that the forces that drive you to be what you are are very strong and challenging to overcome.


  2. A constant battle for so many people when they could be doing a million other better things like engingeering. It reminds me of a song by Melanie Martinez called Mrs Potato Head. Thanks Joe.


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