Just Drink the Juice Drew – SPF – 01/15/17


“So let me understand you King William. You want me to rally the Knights of Canterbury so we can make a five day journey to the opposite coast just to sacrifice ourselves for your pleasure?” King Wallace asked incredulously.

“I assure you King Wallace, the sacrifice is not without it’s merit, but no, I expect you to defeat the Black Knight before you reach the coast. If you do not and he reaches Echolfield to merge his army with the Count’s we are all lost!”

“No, no, no that’s not it at all!” Mrs. Cuddy said as she walked into the center of the U shaped tables where her teenaged cast of the spring play rolled their eyes again. This was the eighteenth reading attempt and this was the furthest advance before she stepped in to give her critique. At this rate they would never get a chance to perform the ninety minute full version.

“Drew your voice has to be commanding! King William is supposed to be inspiring.”

“I’m sorry Mrs. Cuddy, I just can’t stop thinking about drinking what’s in that cup!” Drew said.

“The skull cup? Oh silly boy that is just tomato juice.”

“Oh, they said it was real blood from a goat!”

The room erupted with laughter and Drew’s face turned crimson.


For Sunday Photo Fiction from Al Forbes.




9 thoughts on “Just Drink the Juice Drew – SPF – 01/15/17

    1. I seem to have unearthed my funny bone lately Al. The first thing I thought of was a Knights of the Round Table kind of thing, but I suspected that would be too common this week, so I had to put a spin on it. I am so glad to hear you have gotten plenty of photos to use for SPF. I will send some too, I just want to collect some uncommon items for you first.

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  1. Love the twist that it’s a play, and the second twist about the blood prank tops it off nicely! And remembering my teenage thespian days, trying to fool someone into thinking they’d have to drink real blood sounds perfectly plausible!


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