Get Me Central Casting! -Sunday Photo Fiction


Papa Bear crossed his arms as the credits rolled up the screen in their cave. The long awaited big screen version of the most famous tale of all time left a really bad taste in his mouth. Mama Bear tried to breathe in as quietly as possible as she anticipated his wrath. For Baby Bear the story seemed just right, exactly as he remembered.

“Who would ever believe Cumberbatch as a bear? I said get Clooney or Pitt, but no they had to have the Brit.There is no British speaking bears I have ever met.”

“Oh honey, I thought he was wonderful. So was that Keira Knighley. I have always loved her since Love, Actually. How did they ever convince her to play such a distinguished character as me?”

“Another Brit,” Papa groaned. “Since that Downtown Abbey everyone is up and down the stairs crazy.”

“Papa it is Downton Abbey and it is about the upstairs life compared to the downstairs one of English aristocracy,” Baby Bear said. “I think they did a fabulous job. I loved working with Jennifer Lawrence. She was the perfect Goldilocks.”

“Oh dear it is probably because she had a pet bear growing up in Kentucky !” Mama Bear said.


As I wrote this I happened to think I might offend some of you from Allistair’s neck of the world, but I mean this as a purely humor piece with no intent to offend. I hope you all find the humor I tried to insert. I look forward to the continuation of Sunday Photo Fiction and pledge my help to make sure it can.



18 thoughts on “Get Me Central Casting! -Sunday Photo Fiction

  1. Haha that did make me laugh. I must admit, Funnyname Englishman is getting a lot of stuff since his stint on Sherlock and then as Smaug and Dr Strange.

    Always remember though, that you haven’t enjoyed Shakespeare until you have heard it in its original Klingon.

    Another good story Joe.


    1. I can remember the first time I saw Patrick Stewart in Hamlet while in high school. I thought wow what a voice he has. Then a few years later I saw him on Star Trek the Next Generation and I had to think for a while from where I knew him. I appreciate the kind words, a good story is always my goal!

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      1. Dune was one of my fovrite sci-fi movies after the original Star Wars trilogy. I relay did not know of him at the time Dune first came out, but when I watched it again later on I smiled with recognition.

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      2. I need to watch Dune again. After I watched it a few times, I got Dune II game on my Commodore Amiga and it made me love the film even more as I had an almost interactive element to it.


  2. Nicely humoristic story. In grad school, one of our “games” while at the pub was who would play you in a movie/tv show of your life. Obviously, Papa Bear played the game before the movie.
    I haven’t heard any of the above in Hamlet though did like Kenneth Branagh’s Henry the V movie. Have yet to see any Klingon theatrical productions, Al.


  3. Hey Joe, as Jimi Hendrix might say, I don’t think you need to apologise for humour, except your non-u spelling of it.
    Jings, I have a weekly bloodbath and never say sorry to anyone!
    Fun story, sir, enjoyed it.


    1. Thank you Sydney it is great to hear that readers get the joke and admire the humor as intended. I really enjoy writing this kind of story using beloved characters that everyone knows and loves. If you are interested I have more stories like this including one about Punxatawney Phil and the series of winter storms that plagued my home state of Virginia last winter.


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