An Irish Fall – FFPP – 01/05/17


He would always remember that day in October when he saw her auburn hair for the first time. Even the beauty of the North Carolina section of the Blue Ridge Parkway, something he had anticipated enjoying for the first time in his life, could not outshine her. Her face was angelic, like something in a catalogue of porcelain dolls.

But it was her voice. That lovely Irish brogue that captivated him. She acted shy at first, but he realized it was more like coy as she found her footing with him through their conversation on the overlook. What he expected would be a ten minute pit stop easily morphed into an hour long date with his destiny.

Carey did not believe in fate. He was a Christian, feeling that any positive experience was sent by God. Allison was that and more, he was positive of that by the time they shared the gorgeous sunset. He drew in a quick breath when she leaned in to let her lips touch his. Was that fireworks bursting in his head? Or was it just the thrill of someone new. He was fine with any explanation.


This is my first try at Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner. It is a weekly writing challenge designed for both the flash fiction newbie and the more experienced writer. Using the provided photo you are budgeted 200 words to make your story. I live about 90 minutes from the Linville Aqueduct, which is the inspiration for this week’s prompt.


9 thoughts on “An Irish Fall – FFPP – 01/05/17


        tell me if this link works. I bookmark it and then when Roger posts the challenge every Thursday I go check or you could follow the blog he posts from and never miss a challenge. There are many more out there and I am sure you will bump into them. I try to do at least 3 a week to keep the creativity flowing.

        Good luck on your writing, I like the way you out your thoughts together.


      2. I participate in Friday Fictioneers which actually begins on Wednesday and Sunday Photo Fiction as well as the Carrot Ranch Weekly Flash. They have 100, 200 and 99 word limits respectively. It makes you say as much as you can with as few words as possible. Thank you for the link.

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      3. You are welcome. I have heard of those and follow some who take part but haven’t ventured into it yet, what I have keeps me really busy and with four kids and a home to run I am playing catch up with sleep all the time. Still I like to write and wish I had more time for it. But I am trying to learn to write within a word limit or I would lose my story. thanks for listing out the other challenged you participate in. Happy writing!

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