Gears for today – FF -1/06/07

Photo Credit: Sandra Crook


It took years to raise the money. Bake sales, birthday calendars, doughnuts, basically anything that could be monetized was put into the hopper as a device to raise the necessary money. But it was the awarding of the recognition as a historic site that finally granted the proper impetus to allow the renovation to succeed. The wood was new, but the steel sections were original.

Barry could feel the hair on his arms bristle when it came time to give the big wheel its first action in sixty-three years. If this happened without fail he would have work for years.


Written for Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.


12 thoughts on “Gears for today – FF -1/06/07

    1. Oh no J.H., this is a gluten free meal! HA! How we try to cut alories and assuage allergies these days. Thanks so much for reading my offerings and taking the time to comment. I appreciate it more than you know.


  1. Imagine if modern technology collapsed. No more stores. No modern conveniences. If our society returned to an agrarian base, Barry could make a killing providing flour for bread.


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