Hot & Cozy – Carrot Ranch Weekly 12-29-16



Sophie tossed everything in her arms on a nearby chair as she drug herself in the door. Closing another case was exciting, but also so draining. All she wanted was to fill up her claw foot tub with hot water and soak until all her cares were wiped from her mind. She knew the soak would not erase every bit of stress but it would help quite a lot.

She lit six candles in the room after starting the water, then slowly disrobed and eased into the steaming water. She could feel the tension ebb away as she settled.


This is my 99 word response to the photo prompt offered by Charli Mills for the weekly Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge



4 thoughts on “Hot & Cozy – Carrot Ranch Weekly 12-29-16

  1. A warm bath sounds heavenly on a chilly day. Instead I’m cuddling in my blanket and watching Cat in the hat with my son. I love the vision that you created with your story. 😊


  2. A hot tub can be like a warm blanket. I like how you used the coziness to ease the stress of closing a case. It gives a fuller sense of a story in what is going to happen next, but for now relaxation is in order. Thanks for joining in, Joe!


  3. The only problem with a hot bath is getting out and moving back through the coldness. Still, it’s my favorite rehab after a cold run outside or working in the yard this time of year. Great scene, wonderful flash.


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