White Spaces – Friday Fictioneer – 12-30-16

Photo Prompt – Shaktiki Sharma

Rex Graham stood arms tight across his chest, barely holding his temper. He looked at the marquis he’d invested so much money in to advertise his new show.

“You had one job! Five million people in the city to watch a stupid ball drop could have seen this and it is just a white space!” Graham said.

“I told you it was a risky proposition, this new technology.”

“Two million dollars was supposed to eliminate the risk!” Graham barked.

“I can still make it work!” Hardy offered.

“Otherwise I’ll make a white space just like it in your bank account.”


For Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.




11 thoughts on “White Spaces – Friday Fictioneer – 12-30-16

  1. Well done! I could really hear this diologue and sense the characters. Very true to life.
    My husband and I are technical opposites…He works in IT and has an intuition with technology which I aspire to with people. Technology hates me. It’s like I emit some kind of energy which drives it crazy. Nunnoo! Nunnoo!
    xx Rowena


      1. Joe, I was much the same. Every week, I get that sense of shock when I first see the photo prompt and have that immediate fall on face response. From there, the only way is up and I’m quite amazed at where the ideas come from. I pull threads from very diverse sources. I really think there’s a huge benefit writing about something totally unfamiliar and out of your comfort zone. What have you found?
        xx Rowena


      2. Rowena, there is three of these I do each week as an exercise to develop my story telling ability. Yes I agree this is a great way to challenge your writing chops.


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