Torch the Love – SPF -12/11/16


“Merita I am not going to just let you torch everything we have together!” Hernando said.

“There is nothing left to torch,” Merita replied. She crossed her arms while making sure the expression on her face matched her words as well as her mood.

“I don’t believe that,” Hernando said. “I can’t accept that you do not still feel something for me! We have something special Merita why are you doing this?”

“For me it is not special any more. It has not been for some time. You are always working, always trying to get ahead,” Merita said.

“For us! For you!” Hernando said incredulously. I do it all for you!”

“NO! Not just for me! I don’t hear the cheers and applause like you do.”

Hernando fell silent as his eyes examined the love of his life who was now someone so different.

“I’ll tell you what. Let’s go to where this man waits for you. I will stand beside him and you can make your decision with both of us there. If you can still walk away with me there I will know it is true.”

Merita blinked as she thought about Hernando’s offer.

“That is acceptable!” she said.

This is the third installment of my continuing story of Merita and Hernando. If you would like to read the previous installments they are  Forever Starts Now and Frosty Feelings.




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