How Can You Forget Reality? -FF 12-09-16

Photo Prompt Copyright Lucy Fridkin


“Even with this virtual reality thingy it’s impossible to imagine,” Haley said. She slowly turned as she watched the scenery.

“You have to consider the fact no one thought it would come to them either,” John replied. “Hawaii was just a non-descript chain of islands, not even thought of as a state on that morning.”

“Imagine waking up to see the sky full of death!” Haley replied.

“Yes, many people had their lives taken on that day. Seventy five years makes a lot of people forget the horror.”

“How could you forget?”

“Sometimes you have to so you can live!”


ph1207Today is the 75th anniversary of the most devastating attack in U.S. military history. Also the impetus of the United States entering the Second World War. Pearl Harbor is something we still remember, even those who were not alive at that time. We cannot let this and other lessons fade as we move on with our freedoms. It is because of those who fought and died in these times we can do what we choose today.



12 thoughts on “How Can You Forget Reality? -FF 12-09-16

  1. Well written, Joe and a timely reminder. We so quickly forget…or at least forget the details. Gloss over it all.
    With Trump’s talk about building a wall between the US and Mexico, I couldn’t help that people have forgotten the lessons of the Berlin Wall and what it meant for that to finally come down.
    xx Rowena


  2. Whoooaaa. Breathe. wow, well told. I thought at first it might be a tale of 9-11 and I almost didn’t read further (too painful). then I did… whoooaa. someday, it will be my generation explaining the unexplainable to our grandchildren. seriously affected by this. Great write!


    1. I cannot believe it finally came to me but it has. I am my father when I say this current generation has no sense of what history can teach us. If they cannot see it on their screens it did not happen. The freedom they enjoy in all aspects of their life was not a freedom easily realized. We cannot just turn the page on all of that believing it will always be. Entitlement is a dangerous thought that could easily come back to bite us.

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  3. Perhaps it will take virtual reality glasses or a video game for the “younger” generation to understand so much of our history. If they don’t, I fear history will repeat itself. Nice though provoking piece.


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