Frosty Feelings – SPF 12-4-16


Merita felt the chill in the room. It matched frostiness of their relationship over the last two years. What was once what she had reamed of all the years of her life as she grew up was now nothing more than just a living arrangement. Hernando was a good guy, just as he had been from the time she met him five years ago, but now he was just a good guy. Tom promised so much more than Hernando could.

They had lay on the beaches of Bermuda dreaming of how their life would be when she shed the bonds of matrimony.

“When we stood in the Cathedral four years ago you said you wanted me over anyone else. What has changed,” Hernando asked.

“So much,”Merita said the suitcase twisting in her hand.

“You want me to just step aside so you can run off and promise yourself to another. What happens when he cannot satisfy your heart? Will you take off once more”

Merita blinked as tears welled in her eyes. Her lip quivered when she tried to speak. Hernando could see the pure heart he fell for struggling within this bold but troubled soul.

“I just don’t know.”


This is a continuation of the story I began last week. If you have not read that you can here: Forever Begins Now



3 thoughts on “Frosty Feelings – SPF 12-4-16

  1. Excellent continuation. It seems to take off exactly where the last one ended. I like it.

    One small spelling error that you may have missed. On the second line,you missed the D from dreamed. 🙂


  2. Sad, but if she doesn’t love him she shouldn’t stay. He may love her, but if she indeed is a person who can’t see relationships through, she’s not meant for him. Better for Hernando to be free now.


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