She Wants, He Wants – Carrot Ranch Weekly – 11/9/16

This is another brief respite from the NaNoWriMo wars! As of this writing I am just north of 28,000 words of my 50,000 word target. The action has passed the first climax as I work on a Three Act model with everything falling in place toward the final conflict resolution. But I wanted to circle back for this week’s Carrot Ranch prompt. What’s 99 words between friends?


Jenny sat with her arms crossed tightly over her chest. She only plied her arms apart long enough to keep the evenly flowing tears wiped away so she could see Aaron’s expression as she talked. She was silent now after almost a half hour of presenting her case of how much she wanted to be Aaron’s only love.

He sat on an opposite couch with his lips tight for what seemed like an eternity to Jenny. She waited for the words her heart knew were coming.

“Thing is Jenny, I don’t want that with you. You’re not my person!”



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