The Battle of the Old Birds

This is my first stab at a new weekly flash fiction challenge, but you all know how much I enjoy them. This one is host by Charli Mills on her blog Carrot Ranch Communications. Weekly Charli posts a photo and challenge and asks writers to use no less and no more than 99 words to respond.

october-19 This week the challenge centers around a raptor. The photograph at left inspired my story idea and I hope you enjoy. please leave a comment if you will.


Anderson watched the evil bird circle as his fingers drummed on the old oak table holding his rifle and its ammunition. This raptor had snatched another of his breathing stock just moments ago and when it returned for dessert Anderson would make it another prize for his taxidermy filled back wall in the cabin.

Sure, they were majestic creatures, but much more so when they stayed aloft and didn’t thin the herd.

“I am ready anytime you want to try again old bird,” Anderson said.

The screech announced the time was nigh, so he shouldered the weapon and waited.


3 thoughts on “The Battle of the Old Birds

  1. I recognize you! 😉 Welcome. I’ve been writing for Charli for a bit now. I don’t always get to visit every entry…But you know busy…

    Yep, there’s places for everything. Just sometimes not for thinning ones prize herd. My take was ‘real’ this week though sometimes I do fiction here too.

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  2. Welcome to Carrot Ranch, Joe! I love the whole idea of a a “battle between old birds” and the image is brings up. I also see you are doing NaNoWriMo. Excellent! Have a great writing month and hope you can pop in at the ranch and flash with us.


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