Sunset Means Freedom – FF -24 June 2016


Sunset was something sonny wasn’t sure he would see. But here he stood in Houston International, less than twenty yards from a lifetime of freedom. His fourth disguise and change of clothes had so far kept him incognito. No one seemed to care he was here. It was the story of his life. He patted the carry on riding close on his hip, the one that contained the key to a lifetime of luxury. He wished he could have brought Carrie along, but she was a goodie two shoes and couldn’t do it. He could, did and laughed about it.



6 thoughts on “Sunset Means Freedom – FF -24 June 2016

  1. Seems as though he had to reduce his own morality to arrive at “good life,” which means he does not “deserve” the good life. My Writer guesses that he robbed a bank and is fleeing.


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