A Circle of Three – SPF – 12 June 2016

Sunday Photo Fiction comes again and I find myself in part three of a continuing serial that seems to have a bit of life. Enjoy.


The dawn of a new day revealed a much different world than we had known the day before. Our leadership did not reveal the deal struck with our former mates to the west, an agreement that meant they would have responsibility for out left flank in the offensive. Their artillery teams have always been known for their deadly aim just as they were in this battle. Our foes weren’t ready for this unexpected twist and it showed. The unbelievable promise from our high command that this battle could end our war seemed to be coming true.

Unfortunately though, no battle is won without a cost and my circle of friends now resembles more of a triangle. Six of us finished the training in good standing, assigned to the same unit of foot soldiers. We looked out for each other and tried to stay alive. We counted off two hundred and eighty four days of success, but his bloodiest day, at least for our enemy, also had enough bloodshed to take three of my friends. Of all my mom’s favorite candle collection I could only manage to scrounge together the three candles I needed. Now I watch the somber glow and wish this is the last time I will need to do this.



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