Hungry For Nothing – FF – 10 June 2016

While Rochelle is busy working toward a July deadline to finish her book I am enjoying the chance to see photo prompts that came around the summer before I enjoyed the world encompassing troupe known as the Friday Fictioneers. If you come each week to read try giving the writing side a hand. We love to add to the mix!


No one could talk to him when he got like this. But it wasn’t because he would withdraw, it was that dang helmet. His lifelong dream had been to deep sea dive. But when you live in Kansas there is very little chance of that. To say he was stubborn was an understatement. To try to get his way of traveling to the sea he decided to go on a hunger strike and helmet in place he began his campaign. What he did not know was that mother and father already had plane tickets to Florida for the coming weekend.



11 thoughts on “Hungry For Nothing – FF – 10 June 2016

    1. I am not sure which of the 100 words convinced everyone his parents were bad, but like most parents they will do whatever to make their kid happy. They are going due to him, not without him.


  1. Dear Joe,

    I’m with the kid. I love the sea and would like to become certified in scuba. Not many places to dive in Kansas and Missouri. (I live three miles from State Line 😉 ) Good story.


    Mermaid of the Midwest,



    1. Rochelle, we are now only 17 days from our first beach trip in three years and I think that is way too long. If I lived so far away I guess I might not feel the same longing for the water, but I suspect I might.


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