The Doubt-Filled Offensive – SPF – 5 June 2016

I got so many responses from last week’s entry I thought I might continue the story this week. I will have to go back and see what Mr. Forbes says about ongoing stories. Some hosts prefer you don’t have a serial and I cannot remember if he has that view. So until I know for sure enjoy!


Hugh Kelly was a brilliant strategist and the main reason other than our brilliant code that we has survived against our invaders for so long. But even Hugh was unsure now, almost seven days after that chilling message appeared on the bridge. THE PIES . . . WE KNOW! Did they know more than we thought or was it a ploy? They had some of our best and it was accepted that they had interrogation teams.

Did they know our plans for this place? Were they hiding and waiting for us? Were our emplacements all compromised? The possibilities were endless and maddening! Alex Maddox said he thought it was just psychological warfare, meant to cause confusion and doubt. If that was true then the effect was just as desired. Long meetings filled with too many opinions to give confidence preceded the choice, but the command group voted to move ahead with the offensive strike.

Now we sit with nervous energy as the magic hour approaches. Will this be our end? Could we wake to see a new flag wafting over our land tomorrow? Honestly, I just want to wake up and see anything tomorrow. Because too many of my friends will not.




11 thoughts on “The Doubt-Filled Offensive – SPF – 5 June 2016

  1. A great continuation. If you want to make a series, go ahead. I am all for creativity, and I don’t think anyone should stand in the way of that with rules (except a word count of course lol) I had a story going for a fair few weeks.


    1. Hey, would you do me a favor? I think one of my posts is not registering views. Could you go to the Fiction Playground site and click on A Sophie Marceau Mystery for Ronovan Writes – 27 May 2016 and make some small comment, just so I can see if it reflects through the stats. Thanks.

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