A Wheel Marks the Spot – FF – 3 June 2016

Friday Fictioneers are off and running, translating what Rochelle calls a retread into a story. This is my first chance to eyeball the picture and my story came quickly. I hope you enjoy!


Copyright Piya Singh

“The legend says that fourteen Mc Kellers were found here two years after leaving Philadelphia with arrows and tomahawk wounds claiming their lives,” Hal announced.

“What about the wheel?” sixteen year old Sam asked. There is no way a wagon could have rolled there.

“Hmmm,” patriarch Dan said, approaching the old west relic.

He and Sam lifted the wheel loosing a pile of stones beneath. Below that they dug to find a large iron box.

“Is it?” someone asked.

Patriarch Dan nodded when he raised the lid to see the lost McKeller gold brought from Ireland.


9 thoughts on “A Wheel Marks the Spot – FF – 3 June 2016

  1. That’s treasure trove you know, the gold should to be returned to Ireland. You have me wondering why the gold came from Ireland and not out of the land behind the building


  2. If no one but the family knew the legend, chances are the gold would not have been disturbed. Who would think of looking underneath an old wagon wheel? Sam was a smart boy. Well done, Joe. 🙂 — Suzanne


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