Resistance Truly is Futile – SPF -29 May 2016

Sunday Photo Fiction is another weekly photo prompt fiction exercise I try to join frequently. There is a collection of writers from the right side (in relation to us) of the Atlantic that deliver a different perspective and flavor to story telling here. Allistair Forbes is the host and if you are not familiar with his work you are missing something special.


When we started the resistance we knew we had to develop our own method of communicating, some way our enemies could not decipher. The world wide web was out, mainly because it was no longer present, part of the loss when the electromagnetic storms ravaged everything with a chip or transistor.

Luckily there was paint, gallons and gallons of paint. We designed the code in a way that it did not match with any known written cipher code. Then we began to use it in places that we knew the enemies would see it and try to paint over it. We wanted the code to only be effective for hours, sometimes 24, but others as few as 12, or even six. But it was enough, we knew to look often.

Our abilities confounded our adversaries and we beat them at every turn. Before six months passed we had nearly defeated them and driven them back to their own borders. Until they managed to lay a trap for our bravest and most daring painter who tried to send too many messages in too short a time. He was right, if he had succeeded the war would have ended. But now we have to find another way. Our enemy used him against us, making him signal us back with our own words.

The PIES! Of all the messages they could have chosen, that was the one that sent chills through out our ranks. It was as effective as one hundred bombs!



17 thoughts on “Resistance Truly is Futile – SPF -29 May 2016

    1. Paul I love THE PIES as much as any man. Apple, chocolate, coconut and the like. Not revealing exactly what THE PIES meant was key tot he success of this short story.


      1. You were spot on! The who was missing and the sentence begged for that identifier. You know how it is when it is in your brain and you think for sure you wrote or typed it there, but when you see it missing you think “how in the world?”

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  1. I like where the story took me. A very intelligent take. I’m sure if you had more words it could be very useful in a loner story. Thanks for such an enjoyable read.


    1. Thanks Lyn. There are some things I initiate that feel like they have the legs to support a long work. When I unearth those I put them in a place I can come back to them. I appreciate your kind words.

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