The 1% Strikes Again! – FF – 27 May 2016

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Photo prompt copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

“Are you sure this will work?” Millie whined. For eight days every word from her lips was like this. Drew knew being stranded on a deserted island was not the idyllic honeymoon he promised, but who could predict a boat consuming fire?

“It is our best hope. In my nautics course at university I studied these exact currents. From here they flow back to the mainland.”

“But what if the glass bottle finds rocks?” Mille asked. “We’ll die here!”

“Darling there is only a 1% chance the current will direct this toward rocks,” Drew assured her.



30 thoughts on “The 1% Strikes Again! – FF – 27 May 2016

  1. Clever use of the title as a punchline. Either they’re seriously unlucky or his calculation of the odds needs some adjustment. Either way I think Millie needs to try and take a more active role in improving their situation!


  2. I think you mean boat-consuming, otherwise it’s the boat eating the fire. That aside, my sense is that these two shouldn’t have got married in the first place. He sounds like an idiot, she sounds like a whiner. Maybe best all round if that bottle is the 1%!


    1. I always try to find a turn on my tales and that one came at the very end. Thank you for caring enough to stop and comment. You are among the 5% that does and it is very much appreciated.

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  3. Ha! I love the ending. Nothing conclusive but certainly suggested. I confess, your title had me thinking this was going to be a story of the super rich doing something dastardly, but this was much better (although I suppose this charming couple COULD be part of the elite 1%)

    Nice story, Joe.


    1. You humble me with your two words. As writers we all crave that kind of effect on our reading public. As I stated to another that commented you are one of the few that takes the time and the benefits are so good and long lasting to me! Thanks so much!

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  4. To me, Millie is a woman with common sense who asks the right questions, and the guy is a complete idiot. She’s much better off without him. Fun story and very clever, I laughed out loud when I went back to read the title and stared at the picture.


    1. Millie just wants to go home and there is no ruby slippers in her traveling gear. Thanks for reading and commenting, it helps me know what I write finds an audience.


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