Facing the Rock Thrower – FF – 20 May 2016

Friday Fictioneers is my excuse to tell a story, one of my favorite things to do. Rochelle hosts this weekly storytellers abode and welcomes all who love the craft.

Photo courtesy of J. Hardy Carroll



“It’s an unusual type of litmus test,” the university researcher replied after listening to the explanation of the Department of Records director about the purpose of this room.

The parallel row of benches with individual seats faced each other as if in expectation of something or someone.

“We have the divorce seekers sit opposite each other for eight hours. If they cannot resolve anything by then I let them file their papers.”

“Do you ever have any violence?”

“Mainly just shouting, arguing, name-calling. But once a wife threw her bag at her husband.”

“Any damage?”

“It was full of rocks.”






15 thoughts on “Facing the Rock Thrower – FF – 20 May 2016

    1. I suppose it would depend on how many “black eyes’ were acceptable for the man in charge of this “Social Experiment. Thanks for reading and commenting Bjorn.


  1. hmmmm a new type of marriage counseling? Sitting opposite someone for eight hours — much will come from their mouths from deep within…and perhaps, a bag of rocks! Well done.


  2. Published on 21 Feb 2016
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    With mounting social stresses like financial insecurity, pervasive technology and work-life imbalance, we found marriages and family relationships, as well as friendships and colleague relationships, were coming under strain. Our response? We conducted a “social experiment” to see if simply looking at someone for four quiet, uninterrupted minutes could create a sense of closeness and empathy. See how Singaporeans reacted when they tried this moving and inspirational experience.



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