A First Time – FRIDAY FICTION with RONOVAN WRITES Prompt #26

This is Chapter Two of another Sophie Marceau mystery story and this time I am bringing Sophie to a new venue, the weekly writing challenge from Ronovan Writes. For those of you just joining the fun I will include links to previous chapters after the end of this week’s offering. If you love to write fiction join in the fun!

Several white haired men and women milled around their vehicles just outside the yellow police tape used to cordon off the crime scene fronting the gate at Farley Downs. Most of the bystanders had no interest whatsoever in the collection of police vehicles cluttering the area. Their concern was the approaching eleven o’clock opening for a full day of horse racing.

Tom and Sophie drove up to an area on the right, following the lead of a uniformed officer directing them around the mob of gamblers. The day was starting bright and sunny, promising to be another steamy one. Sunglasses in place, the duo slid out of the car seat and approached the scene where several officers and others moved around with purpose.

Tom smiled when he saw Penelope Crenshaw stand and wave them over. She was the department medical examiner and the one they always wanted to talk to so they could get a good lay of the land. Sophie noticed a younger female working beside Penelope and wondered if this was the wunderkind they had heard rumors of for so long. The young woman was very animated and chatty, even though they were still too far away to make out her words.

“Sophie, Tom, welcome to Farley Downs!” Penelope said holding her arms out with the palms up as if she was presenting them with a prize.

“I’d rather be getting that as the owner of a horse in the winner’s circle,” Tom said smiling. Sophie knew there was an unspoken attraction between these two and shook her head at the high school like tension.

“What’s the word Penny?” Sophie asked.

“Well, we have . . .” Penelope started before the young woman broke in.

“We have a forty-three year old male, Banner Todd, married, employed with Kenner Investments as a stock broker. No record of any entrance to the racetrack ever, you know they track that kind of stuff, especially when you work with money. It looks like the victim was attacked without warning as there are no defensive wounds on his hands arms or body,” the girl said pointing to each area as she spoke.

“The wounds are from a knife, very sharp and very potent. Multiple stab wounds at least two dozen, any of which would have been fatal. From all indications it looks like the work of the Crimson Nights murderer. Although I realize it is very early to speculate such.”

Tom and Sophie stood speechless for a moment, simply staring at the young woman who beamed with pride at her first time giving a summary of a victim in her new job. She looked up from the body when she realized no one was speaking, first at Sophie, and then Tom before turning to Penelope, who smiled and nodded approvingly.

“Detective Sophie Marceau and Tom Richardson, let me introduced my young protégé, Casey Ritter. She just started today with us. Casey just finished a PhD. in Forensic Anthropology at L.S.U.”, Penelope told them.

“How old are you?” Tom asked, which drew a sharp elbow from Sophie.

“Twenty-four,” Casey said as she stared intently at something on the victim’s collar. She knelt and leaned down to get a closer look at what had caught her attention. She fished an evidence bag from her back pocket and snagged the item with a pair of tweezers before dropping it in the bag.

“What is it?” Penelope asked.

“A small piece of fiber, maybe from the killer’s clothing,” Casey replied, another broad smile following the words.

“Good job!” Sophie said.


As promised here is the link to the first chapter of Sophie’s latest mystery. If you come back each week you will find the other chapters in the section as well. I look forward to hearing what you think about the story. Be sure to comment, I always visit the blogs of people who comment. Also, if you would like to read more Sophie Marceau stories you can follow the Sophie link.

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