No Ring For You! – FF – 05-13-16

Friday Fictioneers gives you two things: A photo and a budget of 100 words. If you have the guts you can take the two keys and build a beautiful tale. Thanks to Rochelle for the steady guiding hand.

copyright CEAYR


Callen was a rookie and rookies didn’t normally hit baseballs out into the bay. But Cindy McBride told him when he did he could propose. One game remained before a lengthy road trip. It was now or never. Callen watched intently, swung mightily and watched the sphere zoom toward a promise of wedded bliss.

“Who spooked that pelican?” he screamed as the ball caromed into the stands.

The crowd cheered his towering homerun, but he stood with mouth agape.  In the stands he could see Reginald Van Atter, Cindy McBride’s former lover smiling with glee.

“Three more weeks!” Callen growled.



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