No Glass Equals Stale Bread – SPF – 5-8-16

Alistair Forbes hosts a once weekly photo fiction writing event called appropriately enough Sunday Photo Fiction. The idea is to create a story / poem or something using around about 200 words with the photo as a guide. I have not been a part of this for some time and missed it, so I am back!



Sheila had delusions of grandeur about her long time hobby of collecting dolls. It had been six months since she found the newspaper clipping about Old Mrs. Crenshaw and how her lifetime collection of dolls had been sold through Sotheby’s for three million dollars. Three million dollars would set her for life. The worn newspaper clipping she fingered every single day was beginning to fade, but she strained really hard to make out the photo of Mrs. Crenshaw’s collection. It looked like she had hundreds of dolls, but so did Sheila.

She could also make out a shiny gold and glass display case the dolls had been kept in and figured that is what made the difference. She remembered seeing something like it at the local trash dump on one of her walks to town over the weekend. A can or two of spray paint should shape it up. But what about the glass? Where could she find some glass to fill the holes? A smile crept on her lips as she looked at the window cleaner at the bakery who smiled as he put a shine on the large windows between her and shelves of steaming bread.




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