Third Wire, Little Bird! – FF – 5-6-16

Another week is hurtling toward the end of the workweek and Friday Fictioneers is riding the wave!


ff 5-6-16
Copyright -Roger Bullot

Everywhere has a hierarchy, even in birddom. Luscius did not understand this. To him a wire was a wire, a place to light when his young untested wings began to fail him. But the task was more taxing than he knew, to his bitter demise.

Four tries it took to gain a place on the top wire. But then the adults shooed him away. He needed twice as many on wire two, but it was also declared off limits. Lucicus’ little wings were quickly giving up the fight. The third wire held his friends, but Luscius had no more energy.



3 thoughts on “Third Wire, Little Bird! – FF – 5-6-16

  1. Well done – and actually, it’s an interesting follow-through for in all kingdoms, there is a hierarchy and pecking order. Like how you’ve written it from the youngster’s point of view.


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