A Pin Too High – FF – 4-29-16

This is Friday Fictioneers, where a 100 word story based on this photo that follows should tell a quick story. Thanks Rochelle for the hosting duties.


The actor listened to his director as he described the physical feats he expected of his high-dollar martial arts trained franchise. As he considered the Oscar winning directors words he replied.


“But Jackie, it’s the highlight of the movie and you love doing your own stunts. Your stunt double cannot do what I ask.”

“Nor will I.”

The director stared at the writer whose face reflected concern.

“What can I do?”

“You first. If you do, so will I.”

The newspaper account identified the highest rolling pin as the fatal blow to the septuagenarian when he attempted the “impossible stunt”.

6 thoughts on “A Pin Too High – FF – 4-29-16

  1. I keep thinking, one of these days, Jackie himself will go too far. But, a rolling pin can sure make or break a career, can’t it? Five out of five somersaults. 🙂


  2. I was smiling all the way to the stunt. I do wonder who brought it, the director, the writer or the actor, or was it all of them, if so call in detective Sophie Marcus


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