Don’t Photograph It, Buy It! – Friday Fictioneers – 1/29/16

I am back to my somewhat irregular schedule of blog posts and have missed the weekly fun hosted by Rochelle at the Friday Fictioneers. For the uninitiated this is a 100 word photo fiction prompt.

Copyright -ceayr

Graham groaned while sipping his morning coffee. Another gaggle of camera and cell phone toting miscreants stood at his gate. Again. The eighteenth day in a row.

Celia came into the room riding her bubbly enthusiasm and glanced at the menagerie.

“I think i’ts interesting,” she said smiling. “I put a register down there for folks to write their home city.”

“Interesting,” Graham grumbled. We’ll be lucky if we get to stay.”

“But you don’t want to,” Celia said. “Ernie thought using the house for his movie would make it famous and more valuable.”

“Famous and valuable are different things.”




9 thoughts on “Don’t Photograph It, Buy It! – Friday Fictioneers – 1/29/16

  1. I get a feeling that before this story happened, before the film even, there had been some sort of an apparition event (I’m thinking either ghosts or aliens) that was going to influence the price of the house. And Ernie’s actions backfired… Or am I completely off the track here?


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