Wheels up – Friday Fictioneers – 10/28/15

Hello friends and welcome to the Fiction Playground. I hope you have come to know this as a great source of fiction stories. Each week I try a few fiction prompts to stretch my fiction legs. But now I am going to do more than stretch them, I plan to take them to a marathon, better known as the National Novel Writing Month. So if you miss me for the next four Wednesdays never fear, I am only diverting my efforts to the great novel chase.

But for this week I decided to grab a piece of topical news to put with my Friday Fictioneers piece. Thanks Rochelle, for re-upping as host for another spell.

(100 words)

Hurricane Patricia was going to be the fiercest storm to ever take a swipe at the coast. Hugh and his team were ready. Their highest dollar technology tracked the storm’s every movement, wind speed and rain band.

Inside their new thirteen million dollar headquarters they felt invincible. There wasn’t a storm capable of destroying this palace.

Thirty hours later the first rescue team finally cut through the debris to reach the Pacific Coast Storm Tracking Center. The concrete slab was littered with all manner of scraps. Nearby laptops and monitors lay like a child’s toys. A puddle consumed a chair.





17 thoughts on “Wheels up – Friday Fictioneers – 10/28/15

    1. I know I will never have the chance to ask, but there are several “man things” I would love to do a Barbara Walters question about and hear God’s reply. Thank you for the read and the comment.


    1. I have been fascinated by the power of hurricanes for years, but got another measure of interest when Hurricane Hugo came into Charleston, S.C. in 1989 and swept across my home in the mountains of Virginia. These storms are terrifying and fascinating at the same time to me.

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